Meet the Owners

BIll and Shauna Dequasie

With 30 years of experience growing plants and growing up in the greenhouse business, it is the DeQuasie’s goal to grow quality plants at an affordable price for customers in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Bill, Shauna and family work very hard transplanting and re-potting seedlings throughout the winter months to have things ready for their customers. Every season they try a few new things to offer and grow plants and flowers that people have personally suggested, if available.


Gardening aside, Bill and Shauna’s additional interests include: antiquing, fishing, going to the beach and other relaxing outdoor activities. Shauna has several years of experience working for local Florists and has a very creative eye for arrangements. She also enjoys designing her own flower gardens, baking and spending time with loved ones. Bill and Shauna are animal lovers and have a dog and cat.┬áTheir dog Phoebe is well-known as “the greenhouse greeter”. They have 2 “kids” who are now grown, Mark and Nikki, who help with transplanting, watering, running the register, or whatever else needs accomplished. They both enjoy spending quality time with their only granddaughter, Julia.


The first DeQuasie’s greenhouses were located on Emerson Ave. in Parkersburg (below Hardee’s) and was run by Glenn DeQuasie (Bill’s father), who started out working for Dudley’s. He then opened and ran his own greenhouses for 47 years, which opened in 1929 and closed in 1976. DeQuasie’s greenhouse is and always will be family owned and operated.